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shoulder pain - woman with bird tattoo on shoulder

How to relieve shoulder pain by doing nothing

Shoulder pain seems so common in our society. Because: stress – right? One US PubMed article states that “shoulder pain affects 18-26% of adults at any point in time, making it one of the most common regional pain syndromes”.  But hidden in these stats is the fact that women ‘shoulder’ most of the burdens of the …

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soothe your body to calm your mind person sleeping

Soothe your body to calm your mind

Because we’ve collectively experienced a lot of trauma over the past 2 years, many of us are currently feeling a deep sense of exhaustion, also known as burnout and even depression. This often comes with an intensification of our physical symptoms too; when our brains feel unsafe they sometimes amplify our tension or pain to …

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Women's healing - group of women sitting smiling

Facilitating women’s healing

Facilitating women’s healing My business has recently undergone a major transition, like so many over the past 2 years. Sadly, I’ve had to close my in-person practice of 20+ years. But the good news is that this has given me a long-awaited opportunity to take my services online so that I can serve many more …

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Menstrual pain and hormonal symptoms relieved naturally

So many women and girls suffer from menstrual pain, cycle irregularity, ovulation pain, emotional discomfort and other symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Conventional medicine offers pain medication or hormonal medications (e.g. the Pill) which many women are keen to avoid using long-term. Natural medicine can help, especially Homoeopathy, but most people don’t realise that the disruption …

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what is Ortho-Bionomy

What is Ortho-Bionomy?

No pain, no gain – really? In our society musculoskeletal pain management often focuses on stretching tight muscles, applying deep pressure to painful ‘trigger points’ and pushing through pain to gain a ‘release’. We’re told that if a manual therapy doesn’t hurt, it’s not ‘working’. But is this really true? With Ortho-Bionomy we discover that …

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