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virtual consultations

If you’re experiencing frequent pain and tension and need help to find a way out, online Ortho-Bionomy sessions could be the solution you’re looking for. During these sessions we’ll investigate what could be causing your discomfort and teach you to tap into your body’s self-healing intelligence to find your way back to ease and freedom. Learn simple, effective techniques to relieve pain and create better postural habits for lasting results. Many people find these sessions are even better than in-person sessions because you learn how to take care of yourself without becoming dependent on a practitioner to ‘do it for you’. They’re also great for lockdowns or whenever you can’t travel to your practitioner, or to follow-up after an in-person session.

Available for 30 minutes or 1 hour. Click the button below to book your appointment.

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4x4 pain solutions package

Are you ready to change your life for the better? Make progress quickly with a 4-week Pain Solutions Package. We’ll do a deep-dive to determine the causes of your discomfort, pain and tension to help you get free of them and start feeling better. Includes:

  • 4 virtual guided pain-relief sessions (1 per week)
  • a personalised program of self-care techniques and postural changes to implement between sessions to maximise your progress
  • session recordings and written self-care instructions for you to keep
  • Session dates and times to suit your schedule 

We’ll explore everything that may be contributing to your pain – your regular activities, how you stand, sit, walk, sleep, exercise, work and play. Then we’ll develop simple ways you can help yourself feel better each day, guided by your body’s own healing wisdom.

Only 4 places are offered each month. Pay in full before the 1st session to reserve your place. Email for bookings and payment.

If you’re unsure whether a 4×4 package is right for you, book a single virtual consultation (above) to try it first. Then if it feels like a good fit, this session can  become the first of your 4 sessions or you can just book another 4 sessions for your package.

important disclaimer

This work isn’t right for everyone – it’s not intended as a replacement for proper medical care and may only be helpful for people not suffering from a medical condition. While I am a registered Ortho-Bionomy practitioner, I am not a medical practitioner – so I do not diagnose, cure or treat any medical conditions and my services must not be interpreted as medical care. These services are intended to teach you how to relieve tension and discomfort in your own body using specific gentle self-care techniques involving comfortable positioning and gentle movements. Consult your medical practitioner before using this or any other self-care program. 

If you have any questions about the online consultations email Janine at

clients say.......

“I worked with Janine online and it was a really useful session: we were able to review progress and add some new strategies to the mix. Working this way underlines the ‘teamwork’ aspect of her treatment and succeeds because Janine is so clear in her understanding and perceptive about the feedback she is receiving. It can also be helpful to address issues in the home environment where from day to day we move, live and work.” EM

“I booked a video session with Janine after feeling pain in my lower back and shoulders. This session was very helpful as Janine demonstrated the movements, showing me in great detail and with patience how to apply a range of exercises to ease the pain. I have had better posture since, which is very helpful considering all the time spent in front of the computer working from home.” MA

“Last year I started having Ortho-Bionomy sessions with Janine to reduce my neck and shoulder pain and associated headaches and it was so effective – going from 3 or 4 headaches a week down to only once or twice a month. But my neck and shoulders got really jammed up just after the (COVID-19) shutdown and I got a headache that had persisted for a few days. So I asked Janine for an online session. It was really effective, we released the neck and shoulder pain and the headache went away. I felt so much better. I was so relieved that I could still work with Janine from home, I don’t know what I would do without this.” SB


I have been using the self-care techniques every day. Not only do they help physically relieve pain, but also I’m giving attention to my body in calming, conscious and intentional ways, which really helps to relieve stress and feel nurtured.
I've used (a different therapy) for years, but after a 30min video session I experienced instant effective pain relief to support me at home and work. I'm thinking about pain relief in a completely different way now. Thank you Janine
Janine offers such a unique and beautiful nurturing approach to treatment, which I love.

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Need pain relief? Download this free guide and get started now

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