About Janine

I’m an Advanced Practitioner and Instructor of Ortho-Bionomy, registered with Ortho-Bionomy Australia.

For over 20 years I’ve helped people leave pain behind with this gentle, compassionate bodywork method. I’ve seen many people recover from chronic pain and tension by supporting their bodies’ innate healing processes. The most valuable part of every session for my clients’ long-term recovery was when I taught them self-care techniques – because if you know how to do this for yourself you are no longer dependent on a practitioner to ‘fix’ you – instead you’re empowered to change your own experience. That’s why I now work solely online with 1 to 1 coaching programs, group classes, workshops and online courses, supporting clients to connect with their own ability to find lasting relief from tension and pain.

My years of clinical practice have shown me what powerful self-healers our bodies are. I’ve seen first-hand how so much of the tension, pain & stress we experience can be quickly and easily reduced or eliminated when you approach your own body with gentleness, self-kindness and non-judgement, along with some specific positional rest techniques to support your natural healing processes.

About Janine McCarthy natural pain relief

What led me here?

One kind of health care

When I was 12 I was taken to see a big muscular male practitioner of a certain bodywork modality who ‘adjusted’ my body using forceful, high-velocity manipulations. It was a frightening and hugely disempowering experience for me, especially as I was obliged to wear only my underwear and a surgical gown. I felt unsafe and vulnerable. I knew then that this was wrong for me (and it didn’t resolve my health problems either).

Early experiences of pain

Through my teens and early 20s I had low-back and hip pain most days and suffered terribly every month with menstrual pain and other symptoms. I was out of action for days each month but I just accepted it as my own version of ‘normal’. My mum took me to see a doctor who put me on the contraceptive pill to stop my menstrual pain while I finished school. For lack of any other solutions I ended up staying on the pill for years afterwards which gave me a host of unpleasant side effects. I felt dismissed and let down by conventional medicine which at best gave me only two options – drugs or surgery – and at worst gave me other unwanted symptoms. Finding a great naturopath and a wonderful homoeopath helped to restore my health but I still suffered from the back, hip and menstrual pain, until one day my naturopath recommended I see an Ortho-Bionomy practitioner. Since I trusted her advice I took that leap of faith even though I’d not heard of this modality before.

A better kind of health care

The experience couldn’t have been more different to those awful treatments when I was 12. For a start I was fully-clothed, and the practitioner’s focus was to help me feel comfortable and safe. I was amazed by how gentle and subtle her touch and techniques were, yet how much I could feel my body adjusting and shifting, with an overall feeling of ease and deep rest. I felt supported, cared-for, listened-to and respected. At the end of the session she showed me some simple self- care techniques I could use at home to relieve pain and help my body find more functional ways to move and be.

With a few more sessions and some self-care work I was experiencing life without daily pain. I felt in charge of my own health and empowered to know what was best for me. That experience inspired me to study Ortho-Bionomy so I could help others learn this simple, gentle way of relieving pain and develop the same sense of agency over their own health.

Your body is a healing powerhouse

… and it can release pain and restore vitality with very little external input. We’ve been taught to ignore the information our bodies give us about what they need. We’ve become accustomed to relying on experts who – while they may have our best interests at heart – don’t know how it feels inside our skin.

If you’ve always had a feeling that there was a kinder way to treat your body, you’re right. Lasting change IS possible – and you can start today.

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This work isn’t right for everyone – it’s not intended as a replacement for proper medical care and may only be helpful for people not suffering from a medical condition. While I am a registered Ortho-Bionomy practitioner, I am not a medical practitioner – so I do not diagnose, cure or treat any medical conditions and my services must not be interpreted as medical care. These services are intended to teach you how to relieve tension and discomfort in your own body using specific gentle self-care techniques involving comfortable positioning and gentle movements. Consult your medical practitioner before using this or any other self-care program.