Products I use & recommend

For Healing & Wellbeing

Australian company “Block Blue Light”

I do all I can to avoid seeing ‘junk light’ after sunset to support my body’s natural circadian rhythm. Blue and white light from screens and regular LED light bulbs tells our brains it’s midday and time to be awake. To prevent this we use candles and lights from Block Blue Light in our home. I’ve installed some ‘Sweet Dreams Sleep Light Bulbs’ in our lamps and a ‘Twilight Red Light Bulb’ in our bathroom. We also use the ‘Amber Book Light’ for reading at bedtime. They make it much easier to get to sleep and I wouldn’t be without them. If you can’t change your lighting, try blue light blocking glasses for wearing at night.

Visit the website here and use my coupon code JANINEOB for a 10% discount

‘Iris’ software to protect your eyes

I’ve also installed the blue-light blocking program Iris on my computer. It takes care of my eyes and helps me get to sleep easily even if I need to look at my laptop after sunset (or watch a movie!). 

Check it out here and receive a 10% discount at checkout

Natural Footwear

I wear Earth Runner sandals throughout the warm months. They support my natural foot shape and movements and keep me connected to the Earth’s magnetic field (‘grounding’). They’re the best sandals I’ve ever worn – highly recommended.

Buy them here

For Business

Do you have an Ortho-Bionomy business or other therapeutic practice? There are so many necessary tools and resources out there to make it easier!

I’ve spent LOTS of time researching and testing many tools, so I’m happy to save you time by sharing my favourites here.

Please note that I receive a small payment or fee reduction when you sign up for these products via my affiliate links, but I can honestly say I use and recommend everything listed here. Some of them will even give YOU a bonus for using my link too, so it’s a win-win for both of us 😄

Appointment booking software

Square Appointments is FREE for a single location and practitioner. I use it for appointment management & client reminders, client database, payment processing, receipts, income tracking, invoicing.

 Sign up using this link and we’ll both receive $1000 off card payment processing fees. 

Email marketing service

I use Convertkit to connect with my email subscribers and clients and to grow my customer base. Their easy-to-use email templates and simple user-friendly newsletters make it easy and you don’t need a website or any coding knowledge to get started. Their free plan is excellent and paid plans are inexpensive, plus they have excellent customer service and tutorials on everything. 

Sign up for a free trial using this link

Quiz building software

I used Interact’s quiz builder to make my period quiz and I was incredibly impressed with the amount of support I received from their lovely team members. I also loved using the quiz builder, it made a complex process fun and as straightforward as possible. My quiz is now a major long-term marketing asset for my business and I recommend you make one too!

Create your account using this link

Website host and domain name registration

I’ve been using VentraIP for years and they make my online business easy! It’s an inexpensive Australian-based service providing secure web hosting and domain services with speedy high level customer support, and it’s easy to transfer an existing domain as well – highly recommended.

Use this link for a discount on your hosting plan