Ortho-Bionomy Study Groups in 2024

Hi Reader

In-person & online study groups are returning!

If you’ve never attended a study group in-person, consider joining us – they’re fun! All study groups were held this way before we all got so used to online classes. It’s like a cross between a class and a practise session with your friends – you can ask all the questions you want, practise techniques and get to know other Ortho-Bionomy students & practitioners in your region.

If you’re training to be an Ortho-Bionomy Associate Practitioner you’ll need to attend 2x 3hr study groups to qualify, and you need 6x 3hr study groups in total to complete the Practitioner training program.

2024 Dates, Times, Fees:

  • April 20 in Preston (Melbourne) TBC
  • May 11 online
  • July 27 in Preston TBC
  • August 24 online

Sessions will all be held on Saturdays at 1.30-4.30pm, fee $80.

You’re eligible to attend a study group if you have taken any Ortho-Bionomy class before.

What are your favourite topics?

I have some ideas for topics below but I’d love to hear what you’re interested in – so hit reply to this email and tell me which ones you like best – and if you have other ideas, tell me those too!

  1. Phase 4 Review – anatomy, points & positions, conditions
  2. Phase 5 Review – reflexes, fluids, Phase 5 presence, following movement preferences
  3. Blending the Phases – when to use Phase 4, 5 & 6 in your client sessions
  4. Cranial Review – anatomy, Phase 4 cranial work
  5. Working with babies and children
  6. Working with pregnant and post-natal women
  7. Working with clients who have experienced trauma
  8. How to teach Self-Care classes
  9. Technology for your Ortho-Bionomy Practice: free or low-cost website, mailing list system, appointment booking and payment system
  10. How to turn an Ortho-Bionomy Hobby into a Professional Practice

Coming soon: Exploration of Movement Patterns Class 17&24 March

There’s still time to enrol in our next class for 16hrs training credit.

OBA members $420, non-members $450. If you’d like to join OBA as an Affiliate member visit their website to sign up and email me your member number.

Enrol in the class

And remember to add these classes to your calendar – enrolments will open soon:

2024 Melbourne Class Calendar

23&30 June Fundamentals/Phase 4

15&22 Sept Posture Re-education & Post Techniques