Description and images of Represented course with Annie Gichuru

Do you want to be more racially inclusive?

I participated in Annie Gichuru’s program, REPRESENTED a little while ago. This is a 10 week course designed for online business owners, practitioners and coaches who want to build a racially equitable business so they can be intentionally inclusive.

Annie has opened up doors for the next round and I wanted to share my experience with you as an affiliate. I don’t usually promote online courses but I deeply value this program and believe that all practitioners and business owners can benefit greatly from this training which should be a non-negotiable education for every business owner’s journey.

I thought I was well-informed before taking this course but it showed me where I was ignorant about racism in Australia and how I was being exclusive or disrespectful, however unintentionally. I learned how to make my business more respectful, inclusive and inviting for everyone in all my client communications, marketing and business systems. My business and I are both better for taking this course.

Annie has created a brave space for coaches, practitioners and online business owners alike to unite in the experience of building a diverse, equitable and inclusive business.

This program will support you to recognise the ways in which you can evolve your business so you are operating from a place of racial representation, having an understanding of what it means to be a genuine inclusive leader.

This is your opportunity to build your business with integrity, and in alignment with your values so it is sustainable and profitable.

If you are interested and want to learn more, click the link below, reply to this email or call me on 0422266190, I’d love to answer any questions you have about this course.

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