working from home - woman looking at laptop on kitchen counter

How to avoid pain working from home

Are you one of the billions of people working from home globally right now?

In theory it sounds easy – just get the technology hooked up and you can work anywhere, right?

That’s right – but our bodies are being left out of the picture.

Since our homes aren’t designed for us to spend long hours at the computer, I know some of you are experiencing increased pain and tension from this temporary(?) situation. So how can you avoid pain working from home?

First: Sit right

Nowadays most chairs aren’t designed for sustainable, comfortable sitting because they have a ‘dip’ down towards the back of the seat. This looks comfortable but actually doesn’t support our natural sitting posture. It encourages us to slump back towards the tailbone (coccyx) instead of sitting right over our ‘sitting bones’ – the big bone in each buttock at the base of our pelvis.

Which chair?

Ideally the seat of your chair should be flat (like the stool shown in the photo) or slightly sloping down at the front (not the back). If it’s not, just fill up the dip by placing a cushion or a rolled/folded towel on the dip.

You’ll notice you can instantly sit up ‘straight’ more naturally just by doing this, because your pelvis is providing a good foundation for your whole spine. You can even put a few books on the seat like I did with the library chair I used in the photo below (they were my own books ;). 

Fill the dip in your chair for better posture support
Flat seat supports natural posture

I have lots more to share including some simple but powerful pain-relief techniques, so I’ve packed the rest into a detailed guide – fill in the form below to get your copy today.

Image credit: LinkedIn – Unsplash