Pain relief after wisdom teeth removal

Did you experience pain when you had your wisdom teeth out?

A new client (‘M’) visited me recently, 2 weeks after she had had 2 wisdom teeth removed. Since then she had suffered with constant pain in her whole mouth, feeling like all her teeth were going to fall out.  The teeth were removed from the left side only, but she had pain in both sides of her jaw, as well as up into her left eye and down the left side of her neck.  She was having trouble sleeping, eating and just getting through the day due to the severe pain she was experiencing.  She was taking a number of different strong painkillers but these were only dulling the pain, and she was concerned about unpleasant side-effects from these medications.

She returned to the dentist twice who confirmed there was no infection and gave some temporary pain relief, but could offer no other solution. A friend explained that she herself had visited me for Ortho-Bionomy when she experienced pain related to dental work, and she suggested M should call me. By now, M was desperate for pain relief, so she called and made her appointment.

During her session we worked to release stress and tension generally from her body as well as gently easing tension from the muscles in her left shoulder, the first rib area and the left side of the neck. Then I worked gently with her cranium, focussing on the left side but working to restore structural alignment to her whole head. We then used specific releases for the jaw joints. After the session M was more relaxed and described that she already felt the pain was reduced. I showed her some techniques to use at home to relieve the pain in her neck and jaw for herself. The good news came the next day when M sent me a message to say that she felt “a lot better”. She went on to say this:

“I wasn’t the best yesterday [the day of the session] but when I woke up today I felt the difference. And after 2 weeks, today was the first day I lasted all day with no medication. You have definitely helped me. Thanks again.”

Ortho-Bionomy is great for relieving pain after surgery or other painful procedures. The techniques are gentle enough that they cause no pain themselves and can therefore be safely used to relieve even severe pain.  Most people are amazed when they experience how quickly and effectively their pain is relieved, with such simple, gentle techniques.  And I personally know how good it is for jaw and dental problems because my own first experience of Ortho-Bionomy was that it relieved a ‘cracking’ problem I’d had with my jaw for 2 years. It was so effective with one session that I was intrigued to find out more about this wonderfully non-invasive approach, and the rest is history!