Menstrual pain and hormonal symptoms relieved naturally

So many women and girls suffer from menstrual pain, cycle irregularity, ovulation pain, emotional discomfort and other symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Conventional medicine offers pain medication or hormonal medications (e.g. the Pill) which many women are keen to avoid using long-term. Natural medicine can help, especially Homoeopathy, but most people don’t realise that the disruption to the hormonal cycle can in fact be caused by structural imbalance of the pelvis. This can result from:

  • Hips shifting slightly from their natural positions with forward or backward rotation,
  • reduced range of movement caused by tension in pelvic muscles,
  • lack of movement or exercise, too much sitting down
  • chronic stress that contracts the psoas muscle, pelvic floor and other muscle tissues in the pelvis.

These can cause tension around the ovaries and hormone production can be affected, resulting in a wide variety of unpleasant symptoms labelled as PMS, in addition to low back, hip and pelvic pain.

Ortho-Bionomy offers a gentle but very effective approach to all these symptoms. We work to balance the structure of the pelvis to make sure the bones are sitting in their joints naturally, which relieves undue tension in the pelvic musculature. This process can then bring balance to the pelvic organs and the hormones produced during a woman’s cycle. Many clients report a dramatic reduction in their menstrual symptoms as well improved comfort in the pelvis and throughout the body.

Here’s what one client had to say:

“Before having Ortho-Bionomy sessions with Janine I was suffering from strong period pain every month. I was seeing Janine for ongoing neck tension and I was really surprised when she said Ortho-Bionomy could help with period pain and PMS. Then I came to see her once when I was in real pain with my period and I was delighted by the immediate results of her gentle work. After feeling these amazing benefits I decided to see Janine regularly to help reduce the imbalance responsible for my pain and after a few sessions I can now enjoy pain-free cycles!”

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